Letter to Sinéad O'Connor


When I read and saw your video on the BBC this morning, my heart wept for you. You are one of the most beautiful women I have come to respect as a singer and musician. Your face is pixel perfect, even without hair. I could only dream of having your posture and your beautiful face.
Yet, I know about mental illness. I have been there too, about fifteen years ago. I had to shrug off all that negativity and misery, and learnt instead to rely upon myself, again. My inner strength. My lust and love for life. My passions.
I made an explicite choice to do myself a favor, if only just one. Any favor. And when I finally dared to take the first steps for a better life for myself, the other steps followed suit.
As though by magic, life rolled itself out to me. Truly, like a red carpet. I could – first then – see small glimpses of what I dared to want to see.
Please, Sinéad, I beg you to trust yourself. To rely on you and only you. Because YOU can do life. Besides what good could you do, as a musician and singer, or otherwise, if you were no longer here? I beg you to please shrug off your insecurities. And take steps again, one by one, so that you can regain inner confidence about yourself.
This huge lump in my throat will stay here, until you will once again florish in life and with yourself. You have all my support!
Very sincerely yours,
As ever!

Over mij


Als ik wat eenvoudige kreten roep als opgeruimd, energiek, niet snel gek te krijgen, humoristisch, betrouwbaar, oplossingsgericht en dat mijn haar altijd goed zit, krijg je al een aardig beeld van me. Liefst ben ik de hele dag creatief bezig met anything visual zoals logo’s, webdesign en -ontwikkeling. Kan niet buiten mijn iMac, iPhone en iPad, maar liefst ook niet zonder een biertje, nootje en chipje. Zolang gezelligheid maar troef is…

Ik wil reageren

Door Irene
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